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SAVVY CHIC- A/W 23 Wish List 

Words by Tilly Stewart

I'm starting off SAVVY's first ever blog post with a topic close to my!


You might be thinking – why would an interior designer create a blog regarding fashion? Fashion and interior design are similar concepts that complement each other immeasurably. Fashion has a huge impact on the world of interior design and provides me with constant inspiration. There are also obvious similarities between the interior design and fashion world when it comes to concept designing, colour/fabric/texture consideration and the shapes and flow of products and spaces.


So, in this segment- SAVVY CHIC - I will be discussing all things fashion and putting my compulsive shopping addiction to use because: if you can't beat it you might as well wear it!

Starting off strong with an A/W 23 wish list.




I wouldn’t say I’m hugely influenced by trends; I tend to purchase things that I truly love and can see myself wearing multiple times. That being said, I'm obsessing over the current A/W trend of pops of colour such as forest green, red and burgundy. Introducing pops of colour into an outfit is a great way to elevate a more basic outfit and add some fun. So, I've sourced a few personal favourites that can introduce a pop of colour to compliment your everyday basics.


When it comes to fashion, I'm constantly searching for inspiration and social media provides the vast majority of it. Browsing through Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok will always get my creative juices flowing when I'm looking to be inspired as the individuality is limitless. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and personal style can be used to make oneself feel good and evolve over time. You should be able to wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable and that's something I always try to portray through my personal style.

Let's be honest, my wish list could go on forever...but you get the idea.


Each blog post will be kept short and sweet as I know in 2023 attention spans are getting shorter- speaking from personal experience- please keep your eyes peeled for weekly blogs on all things interiors and lifestyle!




Thanks for submitting!

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