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Words by Tilly Stewart

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler

If you love dramatic interior design then this weeks blog post is for you!!

When it comes to dramatic interior design, it's all about creating a space that captivates and leaves a lasting impression. So, this week I'm going to talk you through certain ways you can create an exciting and eye-catching interior that will demand attention. Let's get into it...

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Photo: Danielle Siobhan

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Experimenting with rich and deep hues when designing your space will automatically create a dramatic atmosphere within your home. They allow for a sense of intrigue and allure whilst also adding character and depth. 

Photo: Courtesy of Jake Arnold

Moodier colour palettes also evoke a sense of sophistication. Consider hues of blue, green, grey, brown and purple to ensure a daring aesthetic that will make a statement within your home.

Many people consider that when opting for darker colour palettes the result will be of a dark/gloomy/cold interior however, when choosing the right hues and creating that perfect balance, a moody palette can create an elegant ambiance.

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Photo: Nicole Franzen

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An element that will truly elevate your space are that of luxurious textures. Consider choosing textures that awaken your senses and will further add depth to create an indulgent and inviting space. Think; velvet upholstery, statement tiles, raw materials, fur throws, metallic accents, patterned fabrics (the list could go on) to add a touch of luxury within your home.


These types of textures naturally come at a cost however, there are savvy ways to still introduce hints of luxury within your home whilst accommodating a range of budgets. Some cost effective ways to introduce textures are through soft furnishing, accessories, lighting and wall art. The interplay of mixing different textures will create an aesthetically pleasing yet cohesive interior.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

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Photo: Courtesy of Greg Natale

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Photo: Courtesy of Greg Natale


Another way to infuse drama into your interiors can be done by incorporating visually interesting shapes. Explore sculptural forms, whether that's through furniture, artwork, lighting or accessories. Consider a statement armchair or sofa with unique silhouettes or a coffee table with unconventional shapes as these unique items will create an instant focal point within your space and will add an unexpected element of visual intrigue. 

Another cost effective alternative to introduce unique items within your home, is through accessories such as; vases, bowls and soft furnishings. Always take into consideration the scale of your home decor as often, the larger the item the more dramatic effect it will have upon the overall aesthetic of the room.

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Photo: Courtesy of Bobby Berk

Photo: Alan Tansey

Photo: Courtesy of Bobby Berk


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Walls are a great canvas if you're looking to introduce drama within your home yet your budget might be holding you back.

Elevate the aesthetic of your walls by opting for a textured finish. Intricate and statement wallpapers with embossed patterns, lime wash paints and Venetian plaster can all bring depth and dimension to your space as well as warmth. Consider opting for a glossy paint if you have a smaller space as this will allow for your room to feel larger. Textured walls will add visual interest but also act as a backdrop for other design elements within your home.

Photo: Courtesy of Studio Ashby

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Photo: Sam Frost Studio


Incorporating dramatic floral arrangements is another more cost effective way to create visual interest within your home as well as adding natural beauty. Oversized arrangements will always act as a statement centrepiece on any dining or coffee table. 

By playing with different heights, colours, textures and shapes you can create a visually striking composition that will naturally draw attention and evoke a sense of sophistication and drama.

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Photo: Courtesy of Rhapsody

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