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Words by Tilly Stewart

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler 



- Chef Daniel Boulud

With that being said ^ I believe that you can still achieve all three of those things whilst also creating a beautifully designed kitchen! 

So, if you're beginning your renovation journey, somewhere in the middle or you simply just enjoy swooning over different kitchen designs (like me), keep scrolling as hopefully some of these SAVVY tips can help inspire you along the way.



It's no secret that a kitchen refurb is not cheap and that's why I believe it's so important to take your time and get it right the first time around. There are always savvy ways around a renovation and for a kitchen this could be opting for cheaper cabinets, customising them and then splurging more on your worktop material -  you will always find a solution.

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Photo: Anson Smart

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When designing a kitchen, material consideration is one of the most important factors. Consider your daily life and how much of that is spent in the kitchen, how often you cook and if you love to entertain- if you're more into the lazy chic aesthetic then make sure you opt for materials that look good but are low maintenance.


The best low maintenance materials to consider for your kitchen countertops that are still highly durable are; quartz, granite and porcelain. For low maintenance cabinetry you want to consider a material that is easy to clean and is hard wearing. Laminate is a cost effective option for your cabinetry with many styles and finishes available and can give the look of natural wood without the £££. If you have the budget, then natural wood is a perfect material consideration for you as it can add texture and warmth to the overall design as well as longevity.

Photo: Anson Smart

Stainless steel is another cost effective and durable material to consider within your kitchen however, it's high maintenance when it comes to keeping it clean. Saying that, if you opt for stainless steel cabinets or worktops then you're guaranteed a chic and dramatic aesthetic. 

Consider using ceramic tiles for your splash back as they are highly durable as well as water and moisture resistant. Or equally, continue the worktop up as a splash back.

Photo: Xavier Bejot


Taking spatial layout into consideration and how you flow around the kitchen is another very important factor during the renovation process. You need to think about how you personally move around the space and what makes your kitchen work for you- whether that's having a bar area so that you can chat away whilst cooking or having a whole cupboard dedicated to coffee next to the kettle- every kitchen should be different as we all have our unique way of doing things and that's why spatial layout is so important to consider.

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Photo: courtesy of Ryan Saghian

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Photo: courtesy of Maaike Van Diemen Interiors


If you have the space I would definitely recommend incorporating a hidden pantry within your kitchen!!

A hidden pantry can help declutter your kitchen as it allows for extra storage space and you can hide away all of the less aesthetically pleasing items. 

If you don't have the space for a walk in pantry (the more relatable option), then you can still create a hidden pantry effect by hiding your appliances behind cabinet doors- as shown below. This continues the 'lazy chic aesthetic' for those who hate mess but are also naturally messy- you can simply close the doors and pretend it's not there- perfect when having people round! 

Photo: courtesy of Dezeen

Photo: courtesy of Pinterest

Photo: courtesy of Pinterest


If you have a small space that you're working with for your kitchen- don't worry- this can often be more fun. Consider opting for a more dramatic and striking design. This way it will allow for your kitchen to be inviting regardless of the size and it will also create an illusion of depth. 


Equally, you can  push your budget as you have less space to cover- allowing you to consider using materials that are of a higher quality. 

Smaller spaces can allow for innovative design, ensuring that you're utilising every inch of the room to the best of it's ability. 

Photo: Joshua McHugh


If I were designing my own kitchen right now I would make sure to incorporate a breakfast nook. To me, a breakfast nook can be a small dining table and chairs within the kitchen space, it doesn't have to be a bench area in the corner.

It's a great way to create a more intimate dining/entertaining area and allows also for additional surface space within the kitchen.

If you do have any awkward corners within your kitchen then a breakfast nook is the perfect solution.

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Photo: courtesy of Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed swooning over these gorgeous kitchens and if you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, remember it is supposed to be fun (even though it might not feel like it), and it will be worth it!!



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